You'll succeed in your new job by doing the best you can, regardless of whether the job is a temporary position or a professional job in your chosen field. Here are a few tips for the new employee:


  1. Be a dependable employee! This lets your supervisor know your job is important to you.
  2. Master your tasks and do more than is expected. Avoid "it's not my job" thinking.
  3. Keep the lines of communication open. Inform your supervisor of how you're progressing and ask for regular feedback on your performance.
  4. If any assignments are unclear, ask for clarification instead of proceeding in the wrong direction because you are fearful of looking foolish.
  5. Enjoy the company of your coworkers. Get to know and be known by others in your work environment... your professional growth depends on it.
  6. As a newcomer, avoid "office politics", Maintain confidentiality and avoid gossip.
  7. Ask for advice and help from others and let them know they can depend on you.
  8. Learn the art of tact when working on a team, which includes being receptive to others' input and knowing when to compromise.
  9. Be assertive, self-confident and visible. Think of the three "E s" - enthusiasm, energy and excellence.
  10. Make use of the employee assistance programs offered at your workplace to help find your balance. Your employer is your partner in finding balance between the world of work and your personal and family life.



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