The signing of a 2 year contract extension between DaVita Care, Saudi Arabia, and First National Company (FNRCO) took place on January 3, 2023, at DaVita Care HQ, Riyadh.


Among those attending the signing ceremony were:

Eng. Ayed AL-Mahan

Vice Chairman, FNRCO Group


Mr. Faisal Rashid

Chief Operating Officer, DaVita Care Saudi Arabia


and several members of the services team.


Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Ayed, the vice chairman of FNRCO, praised the cooperative nature of DaVita Care and FNRCO and urged continued coordination and resource sharing to cut down on mobilization turnover and encourage team creativity so that tasks could be completed, and deadlines met on time.


FNRCO and DaVita Care began their business relationship many years ago, and since then the collaboration has deepened and developed into a long-term, mutually beneficial partnership. Both companies are committed in supporting Kingdom’s vision of delivering the best quality healthcare.