The first national (FNRCO) announced that the company and the JGC Corporation (JGC) entered into a comprehensive collaboration to enhance the provided services in the field of engineering, logistics and services.

The purpose of the new collaboration is to contribute greatly to Middle East’s further economic development and drive rapid growth in in Business Consultancy, Program Management, Project Services, Engineering, Construction and Environmental Management.

The First National Company “FNRCO”, is a leading services company providing a tailored end to end service to its clients resulting in mutually beneficial outcomes. From logistic services, buildings and civil construction to Project Services, energy and industrial solutions, FNRCO is built to modernize, expand and deliver the most iconic and complex structures ever conceived.

JGC was founded in Yokohama in 1928 and, as a comprehensive engineering company, has carried out numerous oil and natural gas plant construction projects in over 70 countries over the years. The company has grown to be a leading global enterprise active in Japan as well as overseas, possessing advanced engineering technologies and superior project manageability.

Such collaboration allows both partners to share each other’s experience in international technological cooperation, while optimally utilizing one another’s know-how and technologies. as FNRCO has considerable experience in providing business and project development services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.