The First National Company (FNRCO), a specialist in general services and solutions in Saudi Arabia, has signed an agreement with Mitsubishi Corporation, a global integrated business enterprise with headquarters in Japan.

The contract was signed by representatives of both parties, the agreement will enable Mitsubishi to acquire the services of the First National Company (FNRCO) in the fields of solutions and human resources that support Mitsubishi in the execution of its work and contracts in KSA.

The First National Company (FNRCO) has considerable experience in providing business and project development services in Saudi Arabia. It is also a registered company licensed by the competent authorities in providing services like engineering, technical, financial and administrative solutions.

After the contract, Mr. Ali Jaber Al-Mahan affirmed that the First National Company (FNRCO) is proud of its relations and partnerships with the major local and international companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, while looking forward to similar agreements to participate in the comprehensive development process to achieve the objectives of Vision 2030.