FNRCO is proud to be the permanent recruitment agent in Egypt and many other countries for "Davita, The leading American company in the field of integrated health care for patients with kidney and blood dialysis.

Hundreds of candidates have been attended the forum to apply for the jobs advertised through the first national company to work at Davita. The committee supervising the forum conducted the required tests for the candidates in terms of personal assessment tests, language tests, as well as written and oral professional tests for candidates in the medical specialties announced to select the best qualified cadres.

The evaluation committee consisted of Mr.Mohammed Gabr, Director of the First National company branch in Egypt, and from Davita, Dr.Mohammed Shehabat, National operations Director and Mr.Ahmed Al-Qahtay, Head of recruitment.

This achievement is one of the most important achievements of the First National company in the field of support the medical sector and its major companies such as Davita, which is the one of the most important and prominent clients inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.