FNRCO supports the ICT 2030 strategy, which seeks to develop the telecom sector regionally and internationally by providing tech jobs and provide our customers with the best qualified, experienced and efficient cadres in line with the information and technology revolution.
FNRCO is proud to have the confidence of international companies in this sector, such as COGELEX, one of the largest industrial and technological companies in the world, and that demonstrate the efficiency and reliability of our HR and recruitment services.
We offer up-to-date IT solutions and services such as maintenance of entire network infrastructure, installation of access control and security systems, structured cabling and telecom solutions, CCTV SYSTEMS, Electro Mechanical services, ERP software, Mobile application, Testing and commissioning as well as timely after sales support.
Our professionals team comprising of engineers, data scientists, designers and customer teams are driven by one mission: Help businesses with the cutting-edge technology solutions that help automate and transform processes, save cost, reduce errors, improve time to market and increase profitability.