The core objective of project management is to make sure a project stays on schedule, within budget and is consistent with quality standards and client requirements. This applies on projects of all types and sizes, regardless of which part of the world they are in.

FNRCO prides itself at having project management teams that have broad, deep-rooted and hands on experience across all engineering aspects and industries. This team provides complete and comprehensive project management services.

As experts in the field, FNRCO project management team ensures the effective and optimum management of human capital and material resources throughout the project. Using the most modern management techniques and methodologies, FNRCO enables clients to achieve their projects’ predetermined objectives with optimal cost, time and quality.


  • Preparation of project strategy plan
  • Developing project procedures and processes
  • Participating in contract negotiation and preparation
  • Contract execution, planning, monitoring and reporting
  • Direction, control and coordination of project task force
  • Budget and expenditure control
  • Subcontract administration
  • Project financing administration
  • Project risk management